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10am. It was 10am when you woke up to find that Greece wasn't in the bed. You sat up with the sheets covering your bare body and looked around. There he was! He was leaning in the doorway with a black cooking apron on. And only a cooking apron. He was still naked. You giggled at the sight, and he winked back at you. That's when he threw you a pink apron with a cat on it.  
"Come on ___! Put it on and let's cook." You sat there for a few seconds, watching him walk away.
"Wait! Heracles…" You got out of bed to examine the confusing piece of fabric, realizing you didn't know how to put it on. "How do I put it on?" You were holding it in front of you, and he smiled.
"Oh ___, you're too cute." He came from behind, and you could feel his buff arms around your waist. "Like this." He grabbed the apron and tied it around your waist and neck. You gave him a smile as he lightly grasped your wrist and led you out toward the kitchen.
You saw uncooked foods and syrup all over the counter. You could tell that you two were going to make a dessert. But not just any dessert, you were going to make Ravani, your favorite Greek dessert! This was new, because you never cooked before.  Greece had always cooked for you, ever since you started living with him. But now that you were introduced to cooking with Greece, you were excited.
He introduced to all the ingredients; the syrup, the cake mix, it all looked good. You were just wondering if he was going to start another food fight. You actually kind of wanted that. First, you two prepared the cake.  You added the 1 cup of water while he added the 3 teaspoons of baking powder, but you two unexpectedly emerged into each other while you had the 1 cup of sugar and he had the 3 eggs. Luckily, only a few grains of sugar spilled, but 2 eggs hit the floor.
You and Greece were laughing it up, having a wonderful time baking the cake. While the cake was baking, you sat at the table with him, and the both of you sweet talked each other.
"Oh! We need to make the syrup!" Greece ran for the supplies to make the syrup.
"Make the syrup? Why can't we just use the one in the fridge?" Your face was puzzled.
"Silly ___!" His giggle made you smile. "It's not the same syrup…come here. We'll make it together, and you'll realize the difference." You walked over to him. He stood behind you, directing your hands like a puppet, and you first added the water, then sugar, and last the orange peels to the sauce pan. You simmered it for 5 minutes, and then added lemon juice before cooling it.
While you two were waiting for the cake and syrup, you sweet talked each other while trying to clean the mess. You just ended up making a bigger mess, but man were you both having a wonderful time. He was just breathtaking to be around. You'd lived with him for 4 years, a year after you met him, and you hadn't even realized how great of a friend and boyfriend he really was. He gave you so much attention and care, and you adored it.
Mochi walked in the kitchen as Greece took the cake out. The smell lingered around the room, then traveled through the rest of the house. You had the cooled syrup, ready to poor it on the superb food. You licked your lips as you were about finished pouring, and Greece began cutting the Revani into pieces. You were quit hungry, and you couldn't wait to devour the food.
Greece asked you to sit while he made both your plates. You swung your legs back and forth, patiently waiting. In a matter of seconds, there it was, in front of you.
"For you, my (1)agape," his whisper sent shivers throughout your entire body. It kind of turned you on. You saw him bring powdered sugar, almonds, and cinnamon to the table. You grabbed the ___ and spread it on your delicious looking cake. After your first bite, your eyes grew wide. "___, what's wrong?" Greece looked worried for a second there.
"Oh Heracles, nothing's wrong. It's just that this…this is scrumptious!" He worried looked soon left his face and a huge smile came about.
"Well thank you, ___!" He came up to hug you from behind and kiss you on the cheek. "I'm glad you love it." Your face was warm, as well as your entire body, and you smiled the biggest smile. You loved and craved the feeling of being held by your love, Greece, and you certainly loved the dessert.
'You are very welcome, Heracles," You held his face closer to yours, and he hugged you tighter. You two were like puzzle pieces the fit perfectly together, and you adored that feeling. You adored Greece! You finished the last of you Revani, and you and Greece cleaned up.
You were led to the living room, where Greece had set up a painting gallery. You saw gorgeous paintings of you and him, and you almost began to tear up at the sight of it. He came up and wiped whatever liquid fell from your ___ eyes. "Don't cry ___." He  cupped your cheeks and gave you a polite smile. You gave him a tight, loving hug. "I'm sorry Heracles… It's just that, I love you so much. And these paintings are magnificent!" Your held back tears went away, and you lightly detached from him.
"I love you more, ___. I love you more than anything in the world. I've made 3 paintings a year, for the past 5 years I've known you. You always came to my mind…I guess I just never realized I was in love. But now that I am, I have no way possible to express it, other than painting a picture…of us. I wish there were other magnificent ways I could show you, other than art, hugs, kisses, and sex…I-I guess I'm just not smar-" You threw yourself on him and kissed his lovely lips. You didn't care about anything anymore. You just knew you loved him so much…so very much.
The kiss turned out to be longer than you thought. It then lead to a make out session, then to French kissing. But you loved it. You loved Greece's kisses, body, cooking, paintings, the way he acted with and around you, the way he loved you. You loved everything about him, and you didn't want to let him go. The thought alone scared you.
He began biting at your lip, asking for your tongue to enter his lonesome mouth. He lightly rubbed his fingers up and down your waist, which sort of tickled you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and gently stroked his soft, long hair. You were starting to get turned on, when suddenly, the door bell rang. You sighed as you ran for the door, forgetting you were naked, except for the apron. Greece followed behind, only to find out it was America.
"Oh, hi Alfred. What're you doing here?"
"Yo! What's happening ___?! Wow! You look….great! But why the hell are you naked?" Greece walked even closer to greet America as well. "Whoa! You too?! What is this, a nude party?! Are you guys having a party without me? I mean, really? Why?! Why wasn't I invit-"
"No, Alfred…it's just Heracles and I." America's face looked dumbstruck.
"Ohhoho, I get it now! You two were having sex, right?! Yeah, I knew it, but what's with the aprons? Were you screwin' with food and shit? Wow…you two are really dirty! And since when did you two get together anyway?" The both of you stood there, rolling your eyes while America blabbed his mouth off. You shut the door on him, and you and Greece began to kiss again.
The kissing became rougher, and Greece gently threw you against the wall, and you two made your way to the kitchen. He began sucking on your neck and you starting giving off low moans. You shunned America's blabbing and continued to suck face with Greece. I picked you up and set you on the counter, rubbing your soft thighs.
He began to untie the knot on your apron. "You know what Heracles?" You stopped kissing and drew circled in his chest. "Alfred gave me an idea." As he pondered the thought, you grabbed the whip cream in the cupboard above you.
"You thinking what I'm thinking babe?" You let off a dirty smile and bit your lip.
"Oh yes!" He began down your neck again, took the whip cream, and carried you up stairs. You wondered what he was going to do with you and the whip cream as he set you on the bed. He threw his apron off, and both your lips met again. His wet kisses trekked down your exposed body, and this aroused you even more.
His kisses got longer and more passionate as he went lower and lower, toward your opening. Right before his last kiss, and pulled the whip cream out, and looked you deep in the eyes. He was gorgeous. You nodded, not sure what he wanted, but you knew it was going to be fun.
Suddenly, you felt the cold whip cream being poured out between your legs. Your breathing grew hard, like panting. You locked your eyes shut as you felt him licking it off. He began to gently teeth you there, and your moaning grew louder with each lick.
"nnnn-aaahhhhh! Heracles!" He spread the whip cream up your body, not forgetting your breasts, and began tonguing and licking you down your body. Each moan grew louder, turning into shrieks of pleasure. You tightly gripped the sheets as he tongued your opening.
"Oh Heracles…that feels so wonderful! Don't stop…!" He eventually did stop the tonguing, but he poured more whip cream in the same area. This time, he opened your legs and slipped his member right in. There wasn't much pain anymore, now that you were no longer a virgin. The whip cream got messy, but you didn't care. It just felt good to have Greece inside you again.
"Ooohhh! Right there, Heracles!" Both your faces grew tighter with every push and shove he'd given. Your panting grew harder and louder, which gave Greece the cue to push harder and deeper.
"Ahhhh…___! You're kind of tight…" He was barely getting his words out. "It feels so good! …naaahhh!" You loved his moaning. It made everything complete. But you wanted to be in control this time. You shoved him on his back and threw yourself on top of him. He rubbed your thighs and gave out yells of satisfaction. You grabbed the whip cream, poured a little bit more, and began to slowly lick and suck it off of his erect member.
"Oooohhh!!!!!  ___, yes! Yes…that's perfect!" You began teething at it as he did to you, and you knew he loved every second of this. He grew a bit impatient, and a bit more rough, and he threw you back underneath him. He began tonguing your mouth while pushing harder and harder. You both broke apart, only to breathe, but as you were about to kiss, you both moaned. Both of you were getting sweaty and hot, but it felt sexy and so right. He pushed his hardest, which made the bed squeak a bit.
You and he were so loud together, but you both loved it so much! Everything felt right and congenial, and you didn't want to stop. But after a while of fast, hard thrusts, you both could feel so much pleasure rising up in your bodies. Everything got hotter, and you were about to feel the orgasm come. "---! I'm..I'm about to-"But it already happened. A bunch of loud moans left both of your lips, and yet again you could feel his warm cum inside you.
He slowly lied next to you, pulling you closer. You kissed him. "I love you Heracles. And you are such a giver…you're bravura  in bed…and I love it."
"I love you even more, ___. And you, too, are bravura in bed. You're gorgeous and sexy…you're remarkable." You gave him a longer, more firm kiss again, and you laid there in bed with Greece. "That whip cream was genius, by the way." He winked at you, and you threw yourself on top of him.
The both of you just laid there, and you began drawing circles in his chest again. You talked about each other, pleasantly again, kissing each other, and just feeling comfortable.
Realizing what a mess you two were, you suggested the both of you take a show together. Greece chased you down the hall to the bathroom, and you turned the water on. "Hey, ___. How about a bubble bath instead?" A smile spread on your face a you thought about how lovely a bath would be. "Perfect! We'll take a bubble bath together!"
After the bath was made, you poured the bubble soap in, and Greece climbed in first. Then you followed behind him. You laid in his lap, and you both felt balmy. He began to play with your ___ hair as your head laid on his chest, and you began to rub his thighs. After a few minutes, you sat up and started playing with the bubbles. Then you turned to face him. "Look Heracles! Bubbles…they're so pretty."
"Pretty like you, ___."
"Oh stop it!." You splash him and giggled as your cheeks grew affectionate. "Let's wash your hair, Heracles." You began feeling more flirty and playful, so you grabbed the cup and the shampoo.
"Why not yours, ___?"
"You can do mine afterward." You laid on top of him and kissed him on the cheek, and then you spread the white shampoo all over his elegant hair. You sat up on his lap, and you began massaging an scrubbing his hair. He let out a few playful moans, and you laughed. Your knees were beginning to hurt from sitting on them too much, and you also saw Greece staring at your breasts a few times, so you began to fill the cup and pour water on his head. "Close your eyes, Hun."
"Ok. Now it's my turn." With a playful smile, he switched places with you. You were lying against the surface of the tub, and he was on top. You could see his private area through the water as he was pouring the shampoo on your head. He suddenly noticed, and you gave him a smirk.
"What's you staring at, ___?" You couldn't help but cup your hands around your face and laugh.
"Oh, nothing babe…" He continued massaging the shampoo in your hair, playing with it, and you let out louder moans, just to play with him a bit. You giggled after each one, until he stopped. Within a few seconds, he was closing in on your face, and then he kissed you. It felt passionate, and it was long. You kissed him back, but then he started tickling you again. "Gotch'ya again, ___!"
"No, Heracles! Not agai-!" You couldn't stop laughing. He poured the cup of water on your head, while you were dying of laughter.
"Please, stop!"
"What's that ___? You love this and you want more?!" His tickling got worse, and you began jerking everywhere.
"What?! I can't hear you, ___...could you speak louder?!" Every time you tried to spill out a sentence, his tickling moved to more sensitive areas. After a few more seconds, you grabbed his crotch. His eyes grew huge, and he stopped imidiately.
"What's wrong, Heracles?" You gave him a "na, na, nana, na!" smirk, and he looked at his crotch. "Cat got your tongue?"
"N-no….it's just-"
"What was that?! You need to speak up!"
"It just feels so good!!!!!"
"I'm sorry, you're going to have to-" You stopped midsentence, just realizing what he said. "Wait, what?"
"I said that feels so good…keep pulling it!"
"What the-?! No way!" You both were laughing, and he kept teasing you with more moans. "Stop moaning, Heracles! Please…" You both just kept playing in the bath, until you realized you both made yet another mess. After all the child's play, Greece led you out of the tub and wrapped you in a towel.
"Well, that was fun…we should do it again."
"Definitely!" He gave you one last kiss on the mouth. It was only 2pm, and it was a gorgeous day outside. So Greece suggested you both bike ride out to where you'd picked up his carnations. You put on your white lace summer dress, slipped on your socks and boots, and you both were off.
He wore his favorite shirt, but this time it was a pale blue. It wasn't buttoned up all the way, and you loved when Greece did that. It made you feel like he was trying to seduce you, in a way. As you were putting Mochi in your bike basket, you were given compliments by Greece.
"You are truly too beautiful, ___."
"You, Heracles, are truly too sweet and kind and sexy…I love you so much."
"I love you more, ___." After the kiss, you two left on your bikes. It was a tepid day, no clouds, just a beautiful blue sky and a warm yellow sun. You arrived to the field of flowers within 7 minutes, and the 3 of you ran through the flowers. Mochi soon fell asleep in them, and you decided to pick some. You could see Greece, almost a mile away, picking flowers as well.
You suddenly noticed making hand gestures, signaling you to go over to him. You ran to him, trying not to let any of your flowers fall out of your hand. You were tired and panting by the time you got to him and you could tell he was hiding something.
"Ok ___. Close your eyes, and don't peak."
"Oh, ok!" You smiled with your eyes shut, you just love surprises, and when they came from Greece, they were certainly special. You could abruptly feel a crown-like shape on top of your head.
"You look stunning…ok ___. Open your eyes." After opening your eyes, you could tell that whatever was on your head was amazing. You took it off to scrutinize it, and it was a crown of flowers. Gorgeous sakuras, to be precise.
"I-I don't know what to say, Heracles, I mean…I love it!" It was truly magnificent, and you began to tear up again. As you were examining the lovely gift, Greece reached in his pocket. You started to really inspect the crown, realizing how complicated the pattern was, and he got down on his knee.
"___," He looked up at you and got your attention quickly. That's when your face was flushed, gasped, and you cupped your mouth.
"I've been meaning to ask you this, but I guess I never really had the guts. I've loved you since the day we met, and I knew that we'd be together, only if I found the guts to ask you out. And although I never officially asked you to be my girlfriend, you kind of were, starting with the incident last night. But I always thought of you as my girlfriend, even though you probably never realized it. But, I guess what I'm trying to get at is this…" He slowly pulled out the ring. "___, my agape…will you marry me?"
(1) Agape - Love's the 2nd part, and there's plenty more lemon for you guys! I've been meaning to do this for a while, but my break homework's practically consuming me >.< I put another 2-3 hours into this one...enjoy! :3

-Wanna Reread?-
Part 1: [link]
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Greece blinked with utter shock and confusion. The words in which came out of her mouth were not of his expectation. " mean, there is no love we share? No marriage?" His eyes moved to the floor where his trembling legs had lay upon. "But...I thought..."

"I-I am sorry, Heracles. But, there is no reason for us to marry. You are happy without me. As am I...sometimes." You avoided eye contact as it only made matters worse. You could hear his heart shatter. It was painful.

"Well, my love." Greece's eyes met yours again. This time, his stare was empty. "Whatever pleases you. I only wish to make you happy." With a weak smile, Greece had lifted from the ground and wiped any dirt and dust. He smiled at you once more. "Goodbye, ___." He then headed in his own direction.


yah ok this was all last minute n stuff but it'd be kinda sad of the reader said no to Greece hehe... poor thing. He's too beautiful to be alone. ;w; but that's a good thought ha
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